Ignite Your Productivity: Explore Trendy and Historic Co-Working and Office Spaces at The Fueling Station – Liberty Village, Toronto

Explore the rich industrial heritage of Liberty Village at The Fueling Station, where red brick and sturdy beams seamlessly blend the past with modern design. Each space within our establishment pays homage to the area’s history, combining iconic aesthetics with contemporary elements.

The result is a visually striking environment that tells the story of Liberty Village’s vibrant evolution. The Fueling Station is a living tribute to the enduring spirit of the industrial era, offering a unique atmosphere where tradition and innovation converge in a captivating narrative that spans generations.


  • Exposed brick and beam
  • High ceilings
  • Plenty of light
  • Glass and stainless steel
  • Light and dark wood

The industrial legacy of Liberty Village is unmistakably etched in its historic brick buildings and industrial design, a testament to its rich past. At The Fueling Station, we embrace this heritage, seamlessly blending historic charm with modern elements to create spaces that make a striking statement. Our commitment to preserving the iconic aesthetic ensures each environment tells a story of the neighborhood’s industrial evolution. With a perfect marriage of timeless appeal and contemporary design, The Fueling Station stands as a living tribute to Liberty Village’s history, offering unique spaces that effortlessly blend the authenticity of the past with the functionality of the present

Why Liberty Village?

Welcome to Liberty Village, the pulsating heart of Toronto’s booming tech landscape. Positioned at the forefront of the city’s innovation wave, this dynamic neighborhood attracts top-tier talent, fuels creativity, and garners significant investments. With its strategic location and vibrant atmosphere, Liberty Village stands out as a unique hub where the tech community thrives. Amidst the eclectic mix of startups and industry giants, this neighborhood fosters collaboration, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the ever-evolving tech haven. Join us in this bustling enclave where every street corner tells a story of innovation, connectivity, and limitless potential.

1 Neighborhood, 2 Locations

147 Liberty St. Exterior - home of The Fueling Station - Liberty village, Toronto Coworking Space

147 Liberty Street
Toronto, ON M6K 3G3

54 Fraser Avenue
Toronto, ON M6K 3G3


Take a look at where history meets innovation:

Some ameneties of the space:

24 hour secured access to our building
Reception Services
High Speed and Guest Wifi
Internet – With Private Network
Daily office and common areas cleaning
Maintenance staff
Shared kitchen with complimentary snacks and hot beverages
Mail & Packages sorting & receiving
Network Socials and Lunch & Learn Events
Community Newsletter
Community discounts for local businesses

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