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We at the Fueling Station love to recognize and feature a member of the community in our blog. This month, we’d like to introduce you to Canadian Cannabis Clinics.

Canadian Cannabis Clinic’s has been with the fueling station just over a year and it has been amazing to watch them evolve. We asked them a few questions to get to know them a bit better and share with you what they have been up to!

Hey there! Tell us a bit about your business?

Canadian Cannabis Clinics is one of the leaders in medical cannabis access and education both here in Canada and internationally. We have 25 clinics across Canada and a convenient virtual care service that conducts appointments through a secure and private video call. Our vision is to create a life filled with Better Days for people who need it. We have helped over 85,000 Canadians to date which translates into 42 million Better Days.

What are the advantages of someone accessing their cannabis medically versus purchasing in store?

It’s cheaper – licensed producers often absorb the excise tax, some insurance plans cover medical cannabis and it can be claim as a medical expense on your income tax deductions.

There is professional support and guidance available – qualified practitioners give individual treatment plans and cannabis educators advise on what products to purchase, how much to take and answer any questions. These educators are available to speak with in between appointments too.

What’s the biggest obstacle you have come up against while growing CCC? How have you addressed and/or overcome it?

Thankfully the stigma around medical cannabis has decreased over the years but initially this was something Canadian Cannabis Clinics worked hard to overcome. We held information nights in cities across Canada for the general public and medical conferences for physicians to learn about it’s amazing benefits. As a result, we are known as one of the leaders in medical cannabis education both domestically and internationally.

What has been your proudest moment so far from your work in the cannabis space?

Billy Caldwell, a severely epileptic 12-year boy who suffered from life threatening seizures, could not get access to the medication he needed in Northern Ireland where he and his mother live. Canadian Cannabis Clinics flew Billy and his mother to Toronto to ensure he got access to his lifesaving medication while legality issues were being reviewed in their home country. This was a proud moment for us.

Billy’s case is an example of one of the more severe conditions that medical cannabis can help manage but we treat people with medical conditions of varying degrees. Knowing we help so many people live Better Days is what drives us to continue this amazing work.

How can people get assessed for medical cannabis?

Our virtual appointment service is the fastest way to get assess as you can do it all online and next day appointments are available. It’s quick and easy!

Wow! Thank you so much

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Our staff is committed to helping patients with a variety of conditions manage their symptoms through the use of medical cannabisCanadian Cannabis Clinics is committed to educating patients, physicians, and the general public about the effective use of medical cannabis. We collaborate with academic researchers to advance the state of the science regarding the medical use of cannabis.

Dr. Barry Waisglass is an experienced General Practitioner who has worked in many Ontario communities, developing a broad interest in alternative treatments. He believes there are many ways to treat and reduce suffering other than by using prescription drugs. He has now chosen to work exclusively with patients who want to explore medical cannabis as such a treatment.

Since joining Canadian Cannabis Clinics, he has treated people who suffer daily from a wide range of chronic conditions. Patients have reported many benefits from using cannabis medicine, even when using small doses over a short period of time. He believes that cannabis, properly used, will someday become a widely accepted and valued medicine, much as it was in the past.

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